A black and white winter scene of trees at Bellinter

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Framed canvas print. Handpainted black frame.

A black and white winter scene of a tree lined road at Bellinter.

Please read all the info below and please look at every picture as every frame is different and unique.

These framed canvases are my pride and joy.  I love them all individually. Together with my father in law Jim, we have worked tirelessly to create them. This range is not meant to be "perfect". Their imperfections are what make them perfect and unique. The canvas together with the handmade frames create a really earth and natural feeling product.  The frames are more rustic than sleek. If you are looking for a sleeker option sit tight, I'll be adding those soon.

Printed on fine art 340gsm polycotton canvas using archival quality inks. The canvas is backed with a hardboard, making it solid to touch.

Each frame is handmade, one of a kind, made with reclaimed wood. Each frame has individual markings, grain, cracks, knots, dents and holes. I have photographed each one in detail to show you all their individual characteristics. I have also photographed the canvases up close so you can see exactly what they are like.

Jim prepares, cuts and routers all the wood. I then scrub and sand the wood. Jim then assembles the frames. Then I sand and clean them again, add the canvases and the final touches.  It is a lengthy process but worth all the effort as the end product is unique and beautiful. Well we think so anyway and we hope you will too! 

Size of Canvas: 12x12 inches

Size of Frame: 17x17 inches

Ready to hang with fixtures and cord attached.